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[audio][AMR230] I Remembered How We Recorded The Moon Landing Hoax In An Enormous Cave - Epsilon Eridani

Keywords: Epsilon Eridani, Amduscias Records
Downloads: 151
[audio][AMR284] An Ambient Journey To Epsilon Eridani - Epsilon Eridani

Keywords: Epsilon Eridani; An Ambient JourneyTo Epsilon Eridani; Anduscias Records
Downloads: 163
[audio][AMR232] Analogue Soundscapes - Epsilon Eridani

Keywords: Epsilon Eridani, Amduscias Records, Analogue Soundscapes
Downloads: 97
[audio][AMR233] Talking With God - Epsilon Eridani

Keywords: Epsilon Eridani, Amduscias Records, Talking With God
Downloads: 111 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[image]Double the Rubble - NASA
This artist's concept shows the closest known planetary system to our own--Epsilon Eridani. Observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope show that...
Keywords: What -- Epsilon Eridani; What -- Spitzer Space Telescope
Downloads: 48
[audio]Epsilon Eridani - Retrospective - Epsilon Eridani
Dark ambient project Epsilon Eridani presents slightly unusual work. It's called "Retrospective" and is the set of the Mexican outfit's best tracks mixed and performed by Juan Pablo Valle, project mastermind. Nine deep and multilayer dark ambient tracks imperceptibly segue into each other creating seamless majestic sound canvas. Field recording experiences mix with touches of religious voice samples as a frame for slowly changed spatial soundscapes...
Keywords: DNA Production; Epsilon Eridani; Retrospective; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 376
[audio][AMR236] Last Train To Oblivion - Epsilon Eridani

Keywords: Epsilon Eridani, Amduscias Records, Last Train To Oblivion
Downloads: 121
[audio][AMR256] Masters Of Horror - Epsilon Eridani

Keywords: Epsilon Eridani; Masters Of Horror; Amduscias Records; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 160
[audio]Epsilon Eridani - Lamentos Lejanos - Epsilon Eridani
"Lamentos Lejanos" is the Epsilon Eridani second full-length album created for DNA Production. In contrast to debut work, new one is fully consist of fresh tracks. This release discovers new elements in project creativity. It has less standart dark ambient and more new age and light ambient features which become a counterbalance to massive noise structures pulsing on background and creating sound pressure...
Keywords: DNA Production; Epsilon Eridani; Lamentos Lejanos; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 535
[audio]Epsilon Eridani - Have You Ever Seen The Stars In The Trees - Epsilon Eridani
This work's dedicated to 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster, a tragedy for nations and for millions people in Ukraine, Belarus and Mexican project Epsilon Eridani is in DNA Production catalogue since summer 2009 with three albums of powerful dark ambient. Current work is different. Here IDM and ambient elements combine on a base of post industrial sound, noises and radio cuts...
Keywords: DNA Production; Epsilon Eridani; Have You Ever Seen The Stars In The Trees; Ambient; Industrial; IDM
Downloads: 511
[audio]Epsilon Eridani - Tribute To H.P. Lovecraft - Epsilon Eridani
The third Epsilon Eridani album released at DNA Production refers to works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, legendary American fantasy and horrors writer who has created a new pantheon with well-known god-like entity Cthulhu among other characters. Epsilon Eridani is commited to heavy and sombre dark ambient, and its expression and power attract a wide range of people involved in industrial music. Some works of this Mexican project are rated as true soundtracks for horror performances...
Keywords: DNA Production; Epsilon Eridani; Tribute To H.P. Lovecraft; Dark Ambient; Industrial
Downloads: 1,992 (1 review)
[audio]Various Artists - Fall Asleep Ghosts - Various Artists
This compilation is dedicated to DNA Production second anniversary. Two years ago the first DNA Production release was out. Despite label's traditions, we invited mainly foreign musicians who aren't in DNA Production catalogue before. This huge, almost two hours long compilation is created in drone/dark ambient way, and certain tracks with noise and field recordings elements point out compilation's own distinctive ambient style...
Keywords: DNA Production; Various Artists; Fall Asleep Ghosts; porzellan; Jan Kees Helms; Marc-Henri Arfeux; Indo; Raspad Atoma; Turmoil; Purist; Epsilon Eridani; Seetyca; SEDNA; Roy-Arne Knutsen; uncertain; ELDAR; Light Implant; Fosel; Inner Struggle; Drone Ambient; Dark Ambient; Field Recordings; Experimental
Downloads: 410
[texts]a dead spot of light... (Number 9) - oneyoudontknow
The ninth edition of this net magazine. Metal, ambient, noise, folk ... a bit of everything is covered.Interview sectionCount Beetle(comes with a review)The Infant T(h)reeReview section3,14... – Про Малиновую Девочку (About a Crimson Girl)Airs – UntitledAirs – JoylessSemilanceata – Dødhelighaz Grafwlijka Mund Ok Dess Vaggande AvgrundsbruusEpsilon Eridani – Tribute to H.P...
Keywords: magazine; a dead spot of light; Count Beetle; The Infant T(h)ree; 3,14; Airs; Semilanceata; Epsilon Eridani; Dysphoric; Rotorvator; Foreskin; Eagle Chalice; Ouroboros; Mïsogi; Despot; Earth Sheds Ghostly Shadows; Aairria
Downloads: 443 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]New Worlds v49n157 1965-12 v1.1 -AK
New Worlds v49n157 1965-12 v1.1 -AK
Keywords: faustaff; jerry; silva; steifflomeis; orelli; aaron; began; xavier; tiamat; burkalter; science fiction; michael moorcock; langdon jones; point three; epsilon eridani; great deal; william burroughs; cent risk; three years; three men
Downloads: 143
[audio]Sadayatana 195: The Sadness of Others - John Tocher
The important thing in this life is to link your sadness to the sadness of others. - Shūsaku Endō, The Girl I Left Behind  startartisttitle00:00Go Genre EverythingHave You Seen The Moon Tonight13:29Wings of an AngelGhosts Of My Past65:35Dream TwiceBelow the grass69:46Dream TwiceCollect dew69:51AairriaFading75:04Dream TwiceOutro81:56Dream TwiceIntro89:05Mystified and Daniel BarbieroRain119:27Grove of WhispersThe Unceasing Path
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; aairria; dream twice; epsilon eridani; go genre everything; grove of whispers; kirill platonkin; mystified and daniel barbiero; r6; red fog; wings of an angel
Downloads: 2,036
[audio]Sadayatana 089: Beige Furnished Fascism - John Tocher
It is now very clear that techniques of machine-human interfacing, pharmacology of the synthetic variety, all kinds of manipulative techniques, all kinds of data storage, imaging and retrieval techniques– all of this is coalescing toward the potential of a truly demonic or angelic kind of self-imaging of our culture... And the people who are on the demonic side are fully aware of this and hurrying full-tilt forward with their plans to capture everyone as a 100% believing consumer inside some k...
Keywords: drone; dark ambient; experimental; podcast; 21 gramms; accasari; bunk data; cp mcdill; dodeccaheedron; epsilon eridani; i.m.m.u.r.e; inner struggle; j orphic; kromeshna; maurice chevalier; metamorfrozen; mister vapor; ovdk / bunk data; perimeter; rui almeida; seetyca; shinichiroa; slutmachine; subterrestrial; the large; xalm retribution; zreen toyz
Downloads: 493
[audio]Sadayatana 027: A Pretty Poe Showing - John Tocher
Live set by Jack Hertz with SFX support from Quisp Quake. Really fantastic. I tried to craft a dark set around it. Hopefully it's not too depressing. It seemed pretty hardcore as I was doing it. Halloween came early this year... what can I say? startartisttitle00:00Fear KonstruktorArctic Stronghold05:52SadayatanaIntro07:05Darkness And SilenceI08:16Darkness And SilenceII15:50Caerula SanguisTies of Blood20:20AtumTetma IV23:19FelliriumConcrete Purgatory (Part 1)25:41FelliriumShadows of the Past28:2...
Keywords: sadayatana; ambient; dark ambient; experimental; podcast; abyss; agla; atum; caerula sanguis; cosmomachia; darkness and silence; dclxvi; deadhorse; doc & lena selyanina; elysium; epsilon eridani; fear konstruktor; fellirium; front sonore vs mork skog; hoarfrost; i.v.lab; jack hertz and quisp quake; manrico montero, david vélez; meczûp; mystified; nigul; pi; roto visage; snowfade
Downloads: 659 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sadayatana 128: The Absurd - John Tocher
In the absurd often lies what is artistically possible. - Edgar Froese A very special four hour edition of Sadayatana where Palancar plays live for the last hour. startartisttitle00:00[N.K.72]Shamanic Noise04:17Grove of WhispersLive 2013-04-1107:59JargunaReflex of a Reverberation17:32Falling YouThe Canoe And The Waterfall21:11Grove of WhispersLive 2013-04-1023:39DjinnestanPurr40:48MystifiedTrack Three44:56Joe FrawleyVanishing Point49:12SinaTime And Tide51:17Joe FrawleyPlain Yellow Dress52:21Jac...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; noise; podcast; alan morse davies; ars sonor;; deafness; djinnestan; epsilon eridani; falling you; fescal; grove of whispers; i††; i.m.m.u.r.e; jack anderton; jager vilmos; jarguna; joe frawley; ka-baalim & bunk data; morpheus; mystified; [n.k.72]; nordbeck; obozdur; palancar; r6; red fog; sina; slutmachine; sm/sm; vladimír hirsch; zreen toyz
Downloads: 1,616
[audio]Sadayatana 067: Beast People - John Tocher
Show starts with a collage and looping of tracks by Universos Virtuales (fantastic!) and generally moves into drone territory and layering of samples taken from the Librivox recording of H.G. Wells' "The Island of Dr. Moreau". The samples were woven into the mix via a script that selected then at random then delayed the selection and playing of the next sample by a random interval. It worked well but you can hear a sample colliding with the voice over / podcast id...
Keywords: witch house; drone; field recordings; backyard ghost; black winds; cdrx; c. reider / tarkatak; digital mass; epsilon eridani; graham dunning; k▼l▲m†††b▲r▲ng; kluge; luciftias; luís antero; melophobia; m.nomized/the implicit order; morpheus; peter leshtchenko; podcast; ricardo webbens; rigel orionis; the ghost between the strings; universos virtuales; wings of an angel; zreen toyz
Downloads: 603
[audio]Sadayatana 056: The White Cane - John Tocher startartisttitle00:00SealordAlbania-RadioTirana7160Am0230z-0242z09-12-0100:28LN 313Sector of Chaos (R VI)03:35SubterrestrialSalt, Sulphur & Mercury10:33SealordMonaco-RadioMonaco8728khzUsb0458z-0504z03-18-1010:48Nagual ArtThe Garden13:55SadayatanaShow ID #56 (Disturbed Earth Loves the Sadaytana and You and Your Loved Ones Should too)14:22Clara Massaunderw...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; aegri somnia; backyard ghost; cdrx; cdrx and kecap tuyul; chvnx; clara massa; copal river; crash duo & kecap tuyul; djinnestan; edith piaf; epsilon eridani; joe frawley; kirill platonkin; ln 313; mystified with drone wallah; nagual art; nik xaos; nodepet; organic anagram; palancar; podcast; pulsacium; sadayatana; samsa; sealord; secrets of the 45; seetyca & etheocles stevens; splinter vs stalin; subterrestrial; void devils; weimar; zerofication
Downloads: 612
[audio]Sadayatana 065: Genuine New Universe - John Tocher
Thanks again to CP McDill for recording some of 78s for the show. He did some additional work on the one included in this show. He calls it "Kalinka (chopped and screwed)". Hard to beat that. startartisttitle00:00DrunkOnTheBloodOfAngelsIntro00:09DrunkOnTheBloodOfAngelsWitches05:52Dizzonanz DomesticThe 5 1/2 Minute Hallway10:49VozrozhdeniyaEl Mar Habla Conmigo12:46VozrozhdeniyaI Guess I'll Wait For You Here16:53Rigel OrionisVariation Ten21:54NorssGodendrank Gif26:58The LargeSmall Galaxies32:38Nor...
Keywords: dark ambient; ritual; drone; backyard ghost; bob wills & his texas playboys; featuring tommy duncan; bullethead; cosmomachia; darkened soul; dizzonanz domestic; drunkonthebloodofangels; epsilon eridani; françois-emmanuel fodéré; krabatof; luciftias; marc egea; metek - zreen toyz; nagual art; narcotic noise; niekto; nina tarasova; noise research; norss; nubiferous; palancar; podcast; pollux; rabbi stacey blank of congregation darchei noam; ramat hasharon; rigel orionis; the large; va/green field recordings; vozrozhdeniya; zreen toyz
Downloads: 648
[audio]Sadayatana 048: Sleeping Mind - John Tocher
Been focusing on preproduction lately. Changing the way the music is pulled together. Kind of a transitional show. A mix of old and new. Finally got the permission thing squared away with The Implicit Order. I can play anything he puts out now. Thank you Implicit Order. A track from the new Mystified release from Dark Winter. Love that cover. Played a bunch of dark tracks from the DNA Production netlabel...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; soundscapes; podcast; c1-117; claudio curciotti; der brotmann; dooom; elinor; epsilon eridani; excelsior; exuviae & kenji siratori; fornax; fosel; inner struggle; itzli; jm charcot; kirill platonkin; leonid m. zhest'; loopool / jean-paul garnier; lori beckstead & dave rose; lucas darklord; lucas darklord & black math; macabro; massimo croce; materia confusa; matthew sansom; metek; mississippi john hurt; mystified; mz-n710; planetzoo; podcast; sadayatana; samsa; seetyca; seren ffordd; shane morris; sundummy; system morgue; the beige channel; the implicit order; thelmo cristovam; tzesne; xalm retribution; xhepha; zreen toyz; zvucicach
Downloads: 762
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